Find the Fitness That Works for You

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Find Your Own Fitness

Fitness doesn’t have to involve the gym

Are you a serial gym joiner? Do you join the gym every year in a bid to get fit, only to leave again four months later? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. A common misconception of fitness is the expectation that we should all be members of a gym, or going running every evening after work, but in reality your fitness regime should reflect you in a way that makes you feel motivated and happy. We tend to forget that exercise can and should be something that makes us happy, as opposed to a chore that we force ourselves into.

It might require a bit of time and experimentation to find what works for you, but we’ve come up with a few tips to get you thinking:

  • Consider what didn’t work for you before.Perhaps you found running boring, or made too many excuses to not go to the gym? Reflect on what you didn’t like and how it made you feel in order to think about what you want to accomplish going forward.
  • What do you want to achieve?Your fitness goals might revolve around weight loss, flexibility or strength, and different activities will produce different results. Yoga, for example, works to improve your core strength, helping with balance and flexibility, whilst also being an extremely therapeutic activity for those leading stressful lifestyles.
  • Think about where makes you happy.Do you love the outdoors or prefer staying in? The thought of joining a class or going running might terrify some and motivate others, so think about what you could be doing in the spaces you are comfortable in. With the advances of Smart TVs and fitness apps, you can push yourself in the comfort of your own home and still see results.

Do you have an experience of finding a new fitness regime that you’d like to share, or have an activity that you’re really passionate about? Let us know on our Facebook page over at

Avoid sports injury and trauma as you train during marathon season

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Marathon running season is upon us, and whether you’re training for your first one or an experienced runner, the lead up is an exciting and sometimes challenging time.

During training, it’s key to vary the exercises you’re doing to prevent repetitive strain on your joints and muscles. Mixing up cardio with practices such as pilates and yoga, stretching out any tight muscles and building strength and across your whole body will contribute towards stamina and overall fitness. Nourishing your body with fresh, fatigue fighting whole foods and plenty of water is especially important during sport training. We offer appointments with trained nutritionists that can offer advice and create a plan to ensure you are feeding your body the essentials needed in your diet to sustain you during exercise.

As your marathon draws closer, avoiding sports related injury is of utmost importance. Here at The Italian Medical Centre, our expert in medical sport Dr. Nicola Sanna is available for a variety of both pre and post running appointments. Why not book in for a pre-participation screening, including detailed questionnaire into your background and any existing problems, a physical examination, biomedical assessment tailored to your specific sport and electrocardiogram at rest.

If you do suffer any pains during your training or after marathon day, Dr. Sanna can also develop a personal rehab plan for sport-related muscoloskeletal injuries, from both overuse and trauma.