What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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As the days will soon start to get shorter and weather becomes more bitter, many of us find ourselves feeling persistently low in mood or becoming more irritable, and often don’t know the reasons why. We often blame the changes of weather for our mood changes, remarking on how much of a “miserable day” it is, but did you know that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a recognised mental health disorder? Those who suffer with SAD will find their mood and energy is much more affected by autumnal and wintery changes, which can also worsen symptoms of depression. We may also find ourselves craving heavier meals more often, something commonly associated with the comforts of winter, which can lead to an increase in weight gain and affect our confidence levels further.

But what causes SAD? The exact causes are still unknown, but many professionals draw links between the decrease of light across autumn and winter, which can also disrupt your body’s internal clock as it relies on natural light.

If you feel you may suffer with SAD you can try changing a few lifestyle aspects such as increasing your exercise routine, getting outside more to take advantage of the natural light on these short days, or practising mindfulness to tune into how you are feeling. Alternatively, at The Italian Medical Centre we offer a range of holistic services that focus on you as a whole in order to treat your needs in the best way. Whether psychological services or nutritional advice, we can find the best treatments to support you.