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5 Tips For A Healthy Heart

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September is Vascular Disease Awareness Month! Every clinician we have working here at IMC from our doctors to our nutritionists will tell you the importance of keeping your heart healthy. It really is the heart of you, without which nothing would function. With this in mind we list our top five tips to help you keep your heart healthy….

Make sure you’re managing your weight. Extra weight means your heart is having to work harder to pump blood around your body which puts strain on it. If you struggle with weight management and would like some help, book in with one of our nutritionists today.

Don’t drink too much! Yes, we all regularly hear that ‘one glass is good for you’ but the problem is that one glass every day can start adding inches to your waistline which, as we saw in tip one, is bad news for heart health.

Make sure you eat enough fish. At least two portions a week is the recommended intake to help prevent heart disease. And make sure one of those is an oily one!

Cut down on saturated fat. The ‘baddie’ of the food world – eating a diet too high in saturated fat can lead to increased cholesterol in your blood stream. Not all saturated fat is bad though so make sure you choose wisely! Avocados, despite being a source naturally rich in fat, have actually been shown to lower cholesterol so make sure you include these in your diet.

Quit the smoking habit. With most things in life there are usually arguments for and against it but with smoking this is not the case. No part of smoking cigarettes has been found to be beneficial and it is now thought to be solely responsible for 14% of deaths from heart disease in the UK. However, the most important thing is that it is preventable! So give up today and start reaping back the benefits, in your wallet and in your health.

If you’re concerned about your heart or just want some advice on anything, from nutrition to giving up smoking, book an appointment today and we will find the right specialist for you!

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