What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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As the days will soon start to get shorter and weather becomes more bitter, many of us find ourselves feeling persistently low in mood or becoming more irritable, and often don’t know the reasons why. We often blame the changes of weather for our mood changes, remarking on how much of a “miserable day” it is, but did you know that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a recognised mental health disorder? Those who suffer with SAD will find their mood and energy is much more affected by autumnal and wintery changes, which can also worsen symptoms of depression. We may also find ourselves craving heavier meals more often, something commonly associated with the comforts of winter, which can lead to an increase in weight gain and affect our confidence levels further.

But what causes SAD? The exact causes are still unknown, but many professionals draw links between the decrease of light across autumn and winter, which can also disrupt your body’s internal clock as it relies on natural light.

If you feel you may suffer with SAD you can try changing a few lifestyle aspects such as increasing your exercise routine, getting outside more to take advantage of the natural light on these short days, or practising mindfulness to tune into how you are feeling. Alternatively, at The Italian Medical Centre we offer a range of holistic services that focus on you as a whole in order to treat your needs in the best way. Whether psychological services or nutritional advice, we can find the best treatments to support you.

Reconnect with Yourself

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Mindfulness with The Italian Medical Centre

Reconnect with yourself and see what you can learn

Have you ever practiced mindfulness? In today’s world of fast living, more and more of us are susceptible to stress, anxiety and depression. So many of us are worrying about our jobs, relationships, money and whether or not we are successful, that we forget to stop, reconnect with ourselves and truly take in our surroundings.

Becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings is known as mindfulness, and it isn’t as difficult, or even as time consuming, as you might think. It just requires pulling yourself back to that present moment and being aware – of what is around you, what you feel, what you hear. What did you have for lunch yesterday? Did you enjoy it? But what did it taste like? A simple question, yet something you might actually struggle to recall, particularly as so many of us spend our lunch breaks thinking about the afternoon’s workload.

Take a moment each day to reconnect with yourself, whether as you first wake up, closing your eyes for a moment in the middle of the working day, or even on your commute home. Think about how your body is feeling today. Once you really begin to tune in with yourself, you could be surprised with just how much you can learn from being aware.

At The Italian Medical Centre we believe in a holistic approach to integrated medicine, ensuring that your whole self is cared for, and looking at aspects in your surroundings that could have an effect on your health. We have a team of Specialists dedicated to treating anxiety, stress and depression. If you would like to speak to us about how we could help you, please contact us today.

Britton Loves: Homeopathy

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How Homeopathy Can Work For You

The Italian Medical Centre is featured on Britton Loves

Recently, The Italian Medical Centre invited beauty and lifestyle blogger Lauren, from Britton Loves, to experience our holistic integrated medical services. Lauren, who has a keen interest in healthy living, positivity and skincare, chose a 90 minute homeopathy session with Dr Federica Boecklin, to discuss how the complementary therapy could help with acne.

Homeopathy is a therapy that delves into many areas of your own lifestyle, such as your emotions and relationships, to understand a connection between how these factors can affect your health and in Lauren’s case, her skin.

Lauren highlights her experience as eye-opening in the way that connections could be drawn between her feelings and health, and understanding that discussing these factors is just as important as receiving medication for particular ailments, as many other forms of medicine usually involve.

“It was good to clear up and understand more about how health issues can be triggered by non-medical factors and that balance in life is key, and I do feel that after coming out of the session afterwards I felt a lot more understood and had been shown a variety of options and triggers for my health, before leaving with a prescription tailored to what my body or 5 levels need; Dr Frederica practises the method where several tablets or powders are prescribed to cure individual ailments and feelings, whilst others as I said previously try to find one tablet that can cover across the board which can sometimes be a lower dose or effect as you’re trying to fix several issues with one magic tablet.”