Annamaria Pietrosante



Annamaria Pietrosante is a midwife in London at St. Mary’s Hospital.

After completing her degree in Obstetrics at the University of L’Aquila she continued her studies obtaining a Master’s Degree in Ultrasound at the University of Florence and carrying out her internship in the Department of Fetal Medicine in the hospital Careggi.

Following her passion for physiology in childbirth and during pregnancy, she continues to update herself, obtaining a course of “Pelvic floor rehabilitation before and after childbirth” in Bologna and carrying out preparation courses for childbirth and puerperium in her own city in Abruzzo.

Member of the Nursery and Midwifery Council and Royal College of Midwives, she continues her activity in the NHS in London and privately at The Italian Medical Centre.

Languages: Italian and English