Anna Maria Tino

Clinical Psychologist

Anna Maria Tino

Anna Maria Tino has received a Psychology degree in 1997 from the University of Turin , and certifications from the British Psychological Society (UK)

She has worked in Turin dealing with many of the aspects of psychopathology and of minors at risk and she has dealt for 20 yrs. with the issues of childhood and adolescent mental disorders.

Anna Maria is a latest generation “visual foodist” who has the great ambition of being able to unite  beauty with taste and make food that attracts everyone and their five sense at the same time.

She plays with chromatic contrasts, pairing colours that are complementary to each other, whether they share a primary tint or a shade.

While in Italy, she has addressed schooling difficulties related to study methodology, behavioral or developmental disorders as well as consulting with parents in regards to everyday anxieties or related to children who are facing delicate stages of life such as integrating in primary school or their parents’ divorce.

She has been engaged with schools from reception to secondary, offering prevention services and promoting children’s’ wellbeing, observing lessons and acting as a sounding board and a consultant for teachers.

Anna Maria has developed and overseen individual/group rehabilitation projects for autistic children and young adults.

She  now works as an independent consultant with some  London Clinics helping patients in finding simple and practical solutions to complex problems. She  also consults with families and offers psychological help with issues related to developmental age (such as self-esteem,  depression, anorexia, bulimia, drug and alcohol abuse , deviant and antisocial behaviour), Relationship counseling, sex therapy, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.